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Freefloat empowers Raptec’s Pan-Tilt solution
March 22, 2015
No single software product makes a solution. Not even Freefloat's products work without hardware and a context where we can deliver real value. Raptec AB is an innovative Swedish company based in Göteborg that delivers solutions for efficient and modern logistics. Their latest product release, Raptec Pan-Tilt is no exception. Read more about Raptec's service and product offerings.

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How can NFC help with Bluetooth pairing?
February 13, 2015
How can this tiny mark on the new Honeywell Intermec CV31 make such a difference? By adding NFC Honeywell shows that they want to ease the pain of pairing Bluetooth devices. So how can NFC help with Bluetooth? Well I know from experience that it can.  It's really as easy as:
  1. Start the music player
  2. Touch the phone to the speaker.
  3. And the speaker will play your favorite song.
  4. No user interaction needed. No PIN-codes to enter.
This video show how easy it is: Sony Wireless NFC Bluetooth Speaker Ball Pairing
The latest trends from Logimat Messe in Stuttgart
February 12, 2015

Logimat 2015Our takeaways from Logimat 2015

We just came back from Stuttgart and the yearly logistics fair Logimat that is held there. This technical fair is one of the best in Europe when it comes to probing the market for trends and market growth. This years fair can be summarized like this:
  • RFID is still around, but nothing really new was presented.
  • Voice system providers has decreased but they deliver larger and more complete systems.
  • Wearable computing, from voice systems to augmented reality vision based system was a huge hit and a great crowd magnet.
  • Smallers AGVs and robots finds new usage and new customers
  • Consumerization in the sense that technical solutions are more and more influenced by how things work with [...]

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Introducing Freefloat Bridge – HTML5 with barcode reading for Windows Mobile
January 12, 2015
What is Freefloat Bridge? It's our take on a browser for Windows Mobile and Windows CE. The name comes from the fact that we bridge from one generation to the next. Mobile web solutions started, more or less, with Symbol's PocketBrowser which became the de facto standard. In addition to the ability to run legacy PocketBrowser applications Freefloat Bridge offers support for HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. HTML5 CSS3 JS The modular design makes it possible to extend the functionality. Both in HTML5 as well as adding unique functionality that is available in the hardware. Different handheld computers that run Windows Mobile or Windows CE offer certain features. A standard module is of course the barcode reader functionality. [...]

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Are you looking for a keyboard to your Honeywell Thor VM2 CE6?
November 24, 2014
When buying and installing mobile computers there are a lot of questions to answer. One of the is the matter of keyboard. Should I add a physical keyboard or not? Most modern applications and a well defined process doesn't usually require that many key strokes. And with modern touch screens you have the ability to utilize the screen as your keyboard. This is where Freefloat Key come in handy. It's easy to setup and install. For example follow this link for instructions for getting Freefloat Key on Honeywell Thor VM2 CE6.
Honeywell Thor VM2 Windows CE 6.0

Honeywell Thor VM2 with Windows Embedded CE 6.0

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Freefloat Key can add functionality and style
November 6, 2014
The most common use of Freefloat Key is to add a keyboard with a customized design to an existing application. For terminal emulators like Freefloat Access it's important to provide all special keys that are used in VT, 3270 and 5250 emulations. If you are running a custom designed application perhaps you value the possibility to add some visual beauty to the layout higher. Image the following scenario. We have an existing application that is vertical (or square) by design. Because it has been designed for Windows CE or Windows Embedded Handheld terminals. Now the customer want's to use for example a Intermec CV30 or Honeywell Thor CV31 on a picking cart instead. The application fits in the left part of screen which leaves room for Freefloat Key on the right side. The [...]

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A new challenger to the UPC code?
February 21, 2014

The UPC Code

This June, the UPC barcode will celebrate its 30th anniversary since the first package of Wrigleys was scanned in a retail scanner. And since then it has been THE solution that retail relies on for an efficient handling of customers purchases. Different new technolgies has been introduced such as RFID as a new revolutionary solution to amend any problems. But up until now they have all been costly and required a new infrastucture, scanners or readers, to handle it. Up until today when imaging and vision technology is everywhere and is getting cheaper and cheaper. Barcode scanners traditionally suffers from the facet they can only read in one direction, linear scanners, and only in two colors, usually black and white.

Introducing DigiMarc Barcode

Other barcodes that are getting more and more common are EAN 13, Code 128, GS1 128, GS1 STILL and SSCC. If you wonder how your organization can benefit from barcodes and how you can optimize your logistics we would be happy to assist you. In the mean time you are welcome to browse around and learn more about the efficiency of barcodes and rfid in moder logistics processes. When you are ready go to contact Freefloat and tell us about your challenges.

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Have you ever seen RFID?
August 21, 2013

One of the benefits with barcode reading over RFID is that you can see what you are reading and visually verify that the correct data was read.

Here is an interesting video from a research project called Touch that wants to help us understand how a radio field is spread. And they do it in a very clever way by using a RFID reader and a very special tag. And everything happens in a totally black room. Because they want to capture everything on film. But only the LED equipped tag that is. The results are nothing but fascinating.

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Smart printers with C#
Intermec announces the next generation smart printers that features C#. Smart Printers work by running applications directly in the printer, so they do not require a separate computer to control the label printing process. They also can interact with other devices in the enterprise. Intermec C# will be included directly in the printer’s firmware, so will not require a separate purchase. Introducing C# in printers is a very clever move by Intermec. It connects developers from the PC world to printers. The gap between legacy smart printing technology and developers using Microsoft's platform has been too large. Now it's bridged by Intermec and we wish them success with their new printers.

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