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How can NFC help with Bluetooth pairing?
February 13, 2015
How can this tiny mark on the new Honeywell Intermec CV31 make such a difference? By adding NFC Honeywell shows that they want to ease the pain of pairing Bluetooth devices. So how can NFC help with Bluetooth? Well I know from experience that it can.  It's really as easy as:
  1. Start the music player
  2. Touch the phone to the speaker.
  3. And the speaker will play your favorite song.
  4. No user interaction needed. No PIN-codes to enter.
This video show how easy it is: Sony Wireless NFC Bluetooth Speaker Ball Pairing
The latest trends from Logimat Messe in Stuttgart
February 12, 2015

Logimat 2015Our takeaways from Logimat 2015

We just came back from Stuttgart and the yearly logistics fair Logimat that is held there. This technical fair is one of the best in Europe when it comes to probing the market for trends and market growth. This years fair can be summarized like this:
  • RFID is still around, but nothing really new was presented.
  • Voice system providers has decreased but they deliver larger and more complete systems.
  • Wearable computing, from voice systems to augmented reality vision based system was a huge hit and a great crowd magnet.
  • Smallers AGVs and robots finds new usage and new customers
  • Consumerization in the sense that technical solutions are more and more influenced by how things work with [...]

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