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World Water Day – 22 March 2015
March 19, 2015
Springtime, the mere word brings the message of light, life and growth. At least here in Sweden where our winters are quite long, dark and cold. We cherish the first sunny days and when we can enjoy a cup of coffee outside on the porch or in the backyard.  Life is good! But what we take for granted isn't there for everyone. A house, a job, food on the table. To even consider the idea of not having clean water, cold and warm, flowing from the tap every day blows our mind. But that's still the reality for 748 000 000 people around the world. Yes, 748 MILLION people lack access to this basic commodity and foundation for a sustainable life. And even those who has access to water sometimes must travel far for hours to get it. A job that is often performed by women and girls.

Photo: WaterAid

A task that steals a lot of valuable time that could be spent on for example education for young people or starting a business or developing a farm that could raise the living standards dramatically. Not only for the family but for the whole community. Imagine yourself walking an hour back and forth just to get water to brew the first cup of coffee for the day while gathering firewood for the stove to cook breakfast. You waste a lot of energy that could be better spent elsewhere. This is the reason why we at Freefloat supports WaterAid's mission to bring clean water and sanitation to communities to help them change their life and raise hope for a brighter future. Here is a short story from one of WaterAid's success projects. Read it and other stories and what you can do to help at WaterAid - World Water Day.
Orke Otta and her seven children live in Abba Roba, Ethiopia. She told us that before WaterAid started working in her village, her family suffered from chronic diarrhea.

A round trip to collect water took around four and a half hours, and Orke's children would often have to wait until someone had collected water for their first drink of the day. People from the village had been bitten by snakes and died, or fallen and injured themselves when collecting water in this way.

We have now installed a motorized borehole in the village, pumping water to seven water pumps. A member of the community acts as a caretaker, and the whole village has been involved in three years of hygiene promotion to support the changes.

Photo: WaterAid


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